Friday, October 1, 2010

A Question with the Salvage Process

Recently, I encountered a local for-profit company stripping architectural elements off of a house at 226 S. Miro in the VA Footprint.

While the head of the crew that was removing quoins and doors, etc. and loading them onto a trailer was very nice, I was a bit concerned.  Under the Architectural Salvage Plan that governs salvage of the homes that are to be demolished or moved, a non-profit receiver, Habitat for Humanity, is supposed to pick up all of the historic architectural elements.  This arrangement falls under the umbrella "Programmatic Agreement" or PA that governs the entire site preparation process.

I've confirmed that Habitat did in fact receive some of the earlier architectural elements at the group's Restore down in the Marigny - stop in if you'd like to purchase a reminder or two from the Footprint.  Several distinctive pieces from the ornate house at 319 S. Tonti Street, since demolished, are on hand.

I just want to make sure that other parties aren't cutting violation of the Programmatic Agreement.  I've contacted the proper parties to inform them, but please contact me if you happen to be in the Footprint and you see someone who doesn't appear to be from Jacobs, Durr, Builders of Hope, Tim Clark, or Orleans Shoring taking things off houses.

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