Thursday, October 7, 2010

A question about the start of site preparation in the LSU Footprint

As you may recall, the New Orleans City Council had to act to close the streets in the VA Footprint before site preparation got underway on that side of S. Galvez.

You'll also recall that Mayor Landrieu, this summer, refused to grant the closure of the streets in the LSU Footprint as a means of exacting leverage over LSU with respect to the design of the hospital planned for that side.

Here's my question: perhaps I missed it, but has the City Council passed anything that officially closes the streets in the LSU Footprint?  If not, how are residents supposed to be on official notice from the city that demolitions and heavy salvage operations are imminent/occurring other than by seeing or feeling the activity next door?

It seems to me that the process pattern was established with the VA Footprint - why isn't it being followed here as crews move in?


Last evening, I followed a large excavator as it shook the ground and dropped debris on its way down Palmyra Street into the LSU Footprint.

Children at the Priestley School came out to watch as the excavator stopped traffic for a bit and then proceeded down to this property, an old grocery store on Cleveland Avenue, which crews had already started in on:

I happened upon the scene because I was making my way to the home of a few people who live way down on Palmyra - whose landlord refuses to sell, whose house does not have the standard green spraypaint insignia on the sidewalk out front to indicate an LSU-owned lot.

They pay $200 a month in rent, and at least three different families, some with children, reside at different addresses in the house.  The family I talked to does not know where else it will be able to live, and they'd asked me some time ago to come back and let them know what was going on.

Well, I told them, I know your landlord has not yet given in, but the crews are now on this side of S. Galvez.  And LSU will likely just expropriate your landlord's property even if he refuses to sell.  So you need to start making plans.

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