Sunday, October 10, 2010

Press Conference Tomorrow - in the LSU Footprint

Stop the Demolitions in the LSU Footprint
Monday, October 11, 2010
10:00 a.m.
2118 Cleveland Avenue, New Orleans (immediately behind Deutsches Haus off S. Galvez)

A group of residents and community organizations will gather to call on public officials to halt the demolitions that began last week in the LSU Footprint because the City of New Orleans has not yet closed the streets in the area, LSU does not have the funding to build its proposed hospital, and residents have not had adequate notice that demolitions in their neighborhood were imminent.


Anonymous said...

this is great work you are doing!!!!!
its confusing why the LSU project is continuing without adequate funding. i just don't get govt decisions like this.

Anonymous said...

The LSU and VA projects are intertwined. Consider the following statements Ed Blakely made at a site selection scoping meeting in August 2008:

“...the site that we
proposed was not for 26 or 29
acres but for over 70 acres to
achieve these objectives.

We sent this proposal to the
Veterans Administration as a
single proposal. The State of
Louisiana has joined us in this
proposal and the Governor of the
State views this as a single
complex to which both of us are
committed. And so that is why we
have selected this site
We think it's important for
you to understand that the City
of New Orleans is pledging its
resources to purchase only one
site, the site that we propose
originally, that is the site that
we think makes the most
difference for the people now and
in the future."

Dr. Ed Blakely
VA Scoping Meeting,
August 11, 2008