Friday, October 22, 2010

A Surreal Show - A New Twist on House Moving

This morning, I caught three houses from the VA Hospital Footprint as they departed the site.  Above, the second floor of the two-story home at 310-12 S. Miro trundles away down the street.

A little cottage that once sat at 310 S. Tonti headed down Palmyra to join the convoy.

The two houses joined 2217-19 Palmyra, which was already lined up backwards at the corner of S. Miro and Banks Street.

Later in the day, completely by accident, we stumbled upon the homes as they neared their destination...which, to my surprise...was in Hoffman Triangle, the greater Central City area.  I know the non-profit Jericho Road has a number of lots in this general area, so I wouldn't be surprised if the three houses were headed for the group's properties.

It was surreal to see the houses of Lower Mid-City...rolling Uptown on S. Claiborne!

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