Saturday, October 9, 2010

Look Familiar? Where the Salvaged Items End Up

These items might seem vaguely familiar.  That's because many of them were salvaged from properties that have been demolished in the VA Footprint. 

Under the Programmatic Agreement for the hospitals project, Habitat for Humanity's ReStore down in the Marigny has received many of the salvaged architectural elements for re-sale.  Salvage has been a positive aspect of the process, but it still must be viewed within the larger context of the neighborhood being dismantled - it's better than destruction, but it's inadequate consolation in the grand scheme of things.

Several recognizable items, like a bracket from 317 S. Tonti and ornate yellow trim from 319 S. Tonti, are for sale.  So is the board full of ornate, decorative quoins from 319 S. Tonti.  The store also has plenty of doorframes, mantelpieces, etc. from the Footprint.

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