Thursday, October 28, 2010


I've been away at a conference for work over the past few days, and I knew things would be different when I returned.

Rolling through the VA Footprint this evening, it's clear that several structures have been demolished, and a number of homes have been moved - including the two "original VA house moves" where the original owners will retain the homes during and after the moves.  In the triangle between Banks and Tulane, the building that housed Lee's restaurant until recently is gone.

Not everything was different, though.  The neon was still glowing purple and green at Outer Banks bar, which now stands alone in the dark.  Ms. Gaynell still sat out on her porch.  And Brick Man was still shuffling amidst his piles of bricks in front of the S.W. Green mansion under the streetlight.

Both my good camera and my old camera were out of battery as I returned from the trip, so I used PhotoBooth and shot directly with my laptop camera:

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