Sunday, October 17, 2010

End of Utilities Eve

Tomorrow, the State of Louisiana will begin to disrupt and cut off utilities to the residents of the VA Footprint who still have a legal right to be there.  Yes, even still, they remain.

I went out tonight to ram home that point, all while trying to respect the privacy of the people in their homes.

While several families moved out this weekend, it's clear that there will still be nearly 20 households that remain as the utility shut-down begins tomorrow.

Even if the state provides back-up utilities, as it has promised, to those who legally remain, the disruption that the utilities removal process will likely cause and the "opt-in" nature (residents have to request continued services) is insensitive and mean-spirited.  Plus, given the track record of less than stellar treatment and confusion thus far, I'll wait to see if anyone actually gets the back-up services.

A reasonable developing party would simply work something out with the VA and wait until everyone has left the site.

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