Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Big Question

In August of this year, the Cooperative Endeavor Agreement, or "CEA" that governs the VA Footprint site preparation expired:

The CEA was an agreement between the City of New Orleans and the State of Louisiana (and LSU) to prepare the site for the VA Hospital.  It provided the guidance framework for the entire undertaking, and, functionally, it provided the public and interested parties with notice of how the process would play out.

My question: what legal or contractual arrangement now governs the extensive site preparation undertaking in the VA Hospital Footprint?

Does anything regulate the site preparation?  Is the City of New Orleans still on the hook for potentially significant legal liabilities that may stem from the site preparation:

I sent in a public records request several weeks ago (which, admittedly, mentioned an Aug. 31, 2010 termination date instead of the precise Aug. 28, 2010 termination date), only to receive this response:

That seemed to indicate that there was no longer any Cooperative Endeavor Agreement in place.

I've sent in a new public records request (with what I believe are the proper dates) to find out if some new agreement has since been crafted to govern the site preparation.

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