Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Making the Case for Charity Hospital

One week ago, I was fortunate enough to join a group of advocates for the re-opening and re-use of Charity Hospital before a committee of the New Orleans City Council.  Here's the link to the video of our testimony. 

Council member Jon Johnson deserves credit for seeking information on the Charity issue.  He was not a member of the Council earlier in the process, and it was refreshing to find someone genuinely willing to listen.

I spoke in my capacity as the Ed Majkrzak Historic Preservation Fellow with the National Trust for Historic Preservation.  My remarks focused on the gaping hole the proposed Lower Mid-City hospitals would leave in the already vacant Central Business District (including the existing Charity and VA Hospital complexes) and on the needless destruction of a neighborhood in a National Historic District.

I should note that I blog here in my personal capacity, not in my role with the Trust.  The views expressed here are solely my own, even if they align with those of the Trust at various points.

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