Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Pace Quickens

These three houses on S. Galvez Street are slated to be the first three moved off the VA Footprint site by Builders of Hope.

As you can see, the roofs and porches have been removed from the two houses on the right, and a crew is currently removing the roof of the pink double shotgun on the left.  Streetcar and power lines apparently necessitated the transformations for moving.  The camelback "hump" of the camelback will ostensibly be removed and transported separately.  I'm concerned about what this might mean for the houses' National Register "contributing status" that determines eligibility for various things related to ownership and rehabilitation of an historic home.

I've heard varying numbers from varying sources as to how many houses will be moved, and I'm quite certain the list is still somewhat fluid.

Overall, there were more work crews out in the VA Footprint today than I've ever seen before - working at a variety of sites.  One group informed me that they had caught a thief who was stealing architectural elements off houses in the Footprint, a problem in recent weeks as outlined here.  The police presence in the Footprint has certainly gone up as of late, too.

This house on Palmyra was also seemingly being prepped for a move:

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