Monday, September 27, 2010

One Year Inside the Footprint

Today marks one year since I began blogging here at Inside the Footprint.

I never saw myself continuing the venture for such a long time.

I will say that while I still feel compelled to report on the happenings in the Footprint, it's difficult to continue the project these days.  Each subsequent visit leaves an increasingly bitter aftertaste.

If nothing else, though, there will be some record at close-range of the project's impact on an historic neighborhood.  And perhaps some future decision-makers will happen upon it and be dissuaded from making a similarly egregious mistake.


Anonymous said...

i live in the footprint & its been frustrating to say the least. im a renter not a owner but up till now we dont know whats going on. we've been contacted just once - in july by a woman that drove from florida and needed all documents same day she came knocking bcos she had to return to florida that same day. she had to come to meet me at work with me scrambling around to get paystubs etc.
since then nada, not a word. its just messy. by the way i live on the LSU side ie within claiborne/galvez boundaries.

Brad V said...

That is frustrating - if I hear of any neighborhood meetings put on by LSU, I will let you know. I just talked to a number of people on lower Palmyra in the LSU Footprint the other day who were not sure what was going on (and don't have any moving plans yet).

The latest I've heard about site preparation (start of demolition) for your side of the Footprint is November/December of this year.