Thursday, September 23, 2010

Demolitions Continue Today Even as Houses Move

Despite the many sets of tires lined up in the first photo, demolition of a number of properties continues in the VA Footprint, including this yellow 2-bay shotgun at 2327 Palmyra Street, which used to look like this. 

Crews also started removing the roof on 2314-16 Cleveland Avenue, the house known for its distinctive Corinthian columns.

Crews also entered the old creole cottage-style corner store at Palmyra and S. Miro - for the first time since I've been walking the Footprint.

The roof on 325-27 S. Galvez was almost entirely off as of this morning; the porch was in the process of being removed.

The 2-story home at 218 S. Miro - which used to look like this - has been reduced to rubble.

The safe driving school business on S. Galvez has also finally relocated to another site outside the Footprint.

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