Friday, September 3, 2010

The First Set of House Moves

The first round of house moves from the VA Hospital site under the supervision of Builders of Hope is slated for Wednesday.

Note that the first address listed for each entry is the current address of the property and the second address is the future location elsewhere in the city.

I've linked the first address in each entry to a photo of the house and the second address in each to a map location of the new site:

218 S. Rocheblave to 1833 Bienville St.

229 S. Galvez (+ camelback, not pictured) to 2549 Orleans Ave.

233 S. Galvez to 627 N. Rocheblave

2405-07 Banks St to 220 N. Derbigny/ Bienville corner lot 13-A

2426 Palmyra to 2332 St. Louis

237 S. Galvez to 627 (A) N. Rocheblave

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