Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Today's Update - First Batch of House Moves Imminent

These three houses on S. Galvez will be the first three to be moved tomorrow, Wednesday, starting at 10 a.m. Three additional homes will be moved out on Friday, according to the current schedule.

Crews began deconstructing this 4-bay shotgun house on S. Miro today - and stated that it was slated to be demolished, not moved.  It is a contributing property in the Mid-City National Register Historic District.

Crews continued to prepare this house on Banks for moving, removing the roof.

By the time afternoon rolled around, the third of the three houses to be moved tomorrow was up on wheels.


Anonymous said...

Who is moving these buildings and who will live in them when and where they are re-assembled? Will the moved houses be inhabited by their owners or are Lower Mid-City property owners being told to sell out and settle elsewhere, in other housing stock?

Brad V said...

Check out some of the earlier posts for answers to your questions.

Briefly, Builders of Hope, a national non-profit out of North Carolina is overseeing the moves, although I believe they are using local contractors.

The houses will be delivered to lots in areas like Mid-City, Lafitte/Treme, and even Central City that are already owned by a basket of local non-profits.

Sadly, Lower Mid-City property owners have already by and large been taken to the selling stage (or expropriated), although not all property acquisitions have closed, and, from what I know, several owners are fighting over the amounts they were offered.

Anonymous said...

Well put, Brad.

Yes, this is a marginally better outcome insofar as homes are not being needlessly relegated to the landfill. On the other hand, opacity and injustice have needlessly accompanied planning and execution of the hospital replacement project and future biomedical corridor. Free speech and public input was actively discouraged and filtered through stakeholder contractors throughout the few open public meetings concerning the project.