Sunday, October 3, 2010

Once More to Outer Banks

I caught some of today's Saints game at Outer Banks, the bar at the heart of the VA Footprint.  It's the tall building in the center of the photo above.  A bottle of PBR goes for $1.25.

Outer Banks has always been a bit of a bare bones establishment, but a lively crew of about a dozen regulars was hooting and hollering as the Saints defeated the Panthers.  The two loudest patrons were at different ends of the bar.  A call-and-response style cheer went up after big plays, led by the leaders on the ends - "FIRST DOWN....SAINTS!"

The establishment's preference for the home team does not go unnoticed inside the bar...nor does the fake rooster that hangs upside down from the ceiling.  Or the chart that shows the phases of the moon.

The bar manager says she hopes to hang on until the end of the month.  After that, and an interlude of some period of time, she hopes to re-open elsewhere outside the Footprint.

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