Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Update on Mid-City Rehab Grant Rollout

Last evening, Cynthia Steward from the State Historic Preservation Office rolled out the new Mid-City Rehabilitation Grant program.

The presentation, given at the Mid-City Neighborhood Organization meeting, was largely informational and uneventful.  A good crowd was in attendance, however, including a few former LSU/VA footprint residents who have since relocated to the greater Mid-City area.  Several residents from the area immediately above the VA Footprint were also on hand.

A number of questions emerged at the end.  One of the key points about the grant program: it's a reimbursement grant, so property owners will have to make expenditures before being reimbursed for approved work.  Reimbursement for various stages is expected to take about 1 month.

Work will also be limited to exterior rehabilitation, and some Mid-City residents whose properties do not fall within the technical boundaries of the national historic district will not be eligible.

As one Mid-City resident noted after the presentation, "Finally, something good that has come out of this whole thing."  She mentioned the possibility of obtaining funding for repair of her family's porch.

Here's more from the Times-Picayune, including a helpful map of the eligible district.

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