Saturday, August 27, 2011

Times-Pic highlights David Simon's skepticism about LSU/VA, BioDistrict...but conveniently skims over his harsh comments about the Mayor


Readers of Inside the Footprint will already be familiar with the Baltimore example that Simon cited and the Times-Pic references in the article, specifically one Baltimore paper's in-depth report that includes the line:

"The nation's largest urban redevelopment, a projected $1.8 billion effort to transform 88 acres of East Baltimore into a world-class biotech park and idyllic urban community, lies derailed amid vacant lots, boarded houses and unfulfilled dreams a decade after it began,"


Anonymous said...

Hoffman Triangle is, like GNOBEDD, an area in which the same NORA-associated development partners have assembled clusters of properties and obtained TIF credits.

Anonymous said...

In mid-2005, before Katrina, the City's Division of Housing and Neighborhood Development was renamed Neighborhood 1 and focused on unpaid taxes as the means to expropriate property in seven key zones, including Central City and MidCity.