Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Remember the mystery walker?

Well, she has a few videos up from her walk.

Like this one - a typical visit with a resident of BioDistrict New Orleans who knows nothing about the existence of the BioDistrict, much less the planning process that started last fall:

*Sumbitted video.

Why are neighborhoods even included in the boundaries of the BioDistrict - which is charged with developing biosciences infrastructure?  My hypothesis is that the district, despite contentions that it wants to improve neighborhoods like Mid-City (which is not its legislatively assigned mandate), needs a tax base to tap into down the road.

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Anonymous said...

Just so you're all aware, Jindal vetoed the funding for the BioDistrict in HB1 (meaning the staff of the biodistrict and operations were not funded in HB1).

See here:


Veto Message No. 2
Page 59, lines 44-48:

This would divert funding from the New Orleans Wet Lab, reducing their funding to only half a year operational expenses. This item should be funded from other sources. Therefore, I am vetoing this item.