Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Starting Tonight

The 2011 Louisiana Smart Growth Summit starts this evening in Baton Rouge - although it seems to have nothing to do with the organization called Smart Growth for Louisiana that is active in a number of ways in New Orleans.

In fact, it's rather interesting to see that MAPP Construction, LLC (Skanska/MAPP is the construction manager at risk for the proposed UMC project) is one of the major sponsors.

Here's one of the most interesting panels, set for early Friday morning:

NOLA Rising: How Downtown New Orleans is Redesigning, Rebuilding, and Rebranding Smarter Post-hurricane Katrina

James McNamara
BioDistrict New Orleans

Zoey Devall
Downtown Development District of New Orleans

Michael Hecht
Greater New Orleans, Inc.

Session attendees will hear from three New Orleans organizations as to how the city has rebranded and marketed itself to improve its economic future.


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