Saturday, August 13, 2011


Five homes are now lined up on the vacant land along Tulane Avenue in the LSU Footprint - the spot in the 1900 block where the "groundbreaking" took place months ago.

Interestingly, except for one, these houses in the staging area are up on blocks - not tires/moving assemblies. My read: the houses are being moved out of the way...but they aren't moving off site in the near future.

Workers took the roof off of Ms. Ella's golden shotgun today, a pile driver is not set up, and crews kept working to make the old clinic into a base for site contractors.

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Anonymous said...

If the houses were not moved off-site or under power lines, why did stakeholders rush to unroof them and leave them open to the elements? This just seems like wasted effort and a waste of public funds. If the houses were to move to a staging area, then why were the roofs not left in place until offsite destination were secured and ready to accept the houses?

If the funding and business plan are still being questioned, then why is there such haste to clear site?