Monday, August 22, 2011

State failed to remove all underground storage tanks in VA Footprint

If you look closely, you'll see mounds of dirt in the shadows before Dixie Brewery.

At last week's VA neighborhood meeting, I asked why they were there.  I knew that the location was very close to where the contractors had dug up a great deal of seemingly contaminated soil - and "UST"s that were transported to River Birch landfill.

Well, I was told that an additional UST was discovered - which the state had not removed.  And VA said the state was now going to have to remove the tank.

It makes one wonder what else was not completed...and what else will get covered by the approximately 7 feet of fill that will be coming in soon to "surcharge" the VA Footprint - compact the soil and "de-water" it through sheer weight.

Ms. Stokes asked where all the 450,000 cubic yards of fill will be coming from - again, relevant because some entity will be getting paid that would not get paid if the hospitals had been put back in their CBD location.  The answer was a bit unclear, but the word "Murphy" was in the mix, a company providing sand located "12 miles away" - perhaps Murphy Sand Company out of Chalmette.

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