Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Robert Lashes Out

A strong proponent of re-using Charity Hospital - and opposing the excess of BioDistrict New Orleans - had this, among many other things, to say as he resigned from a neighborhood group in protest:

"Where are the City Council and the Mayors in all this? The question must be asked. I prefer to think they have been misled by glamorous promises of a new medical center and fail to understand that all those promises can be fulfilled by rehabilitating the Historic Medical Center. It is time for them to defend the City against a rabidly aggressive LSU and the State an d tremember we can have both contemporary development and historic preservation at the same time."

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Anonymous said...

It is clear where the mayor and council stood in late 2007. The mayor and recovery officials promised to raze a neighborhood and were supported in that decision when the council quickly and unanimously imposed a selective building permit ban on a specific section of Lower MidCity eleven months before the VA accepted their only offer.