Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Work suddenly begins on Orleans House

Brackets and other items were being removed today from the Orleans House mansion at 1800 Canal in the LSU Footprint. I was quite concerned as I drove by and noticed it. Two "No Trespassing" signs popped up as well.

Two workers wrapping up for the day informed me that the building is not being taken down, but is instead being renovated.  Let's hope.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't this house recently auctioned or offered for sale?

What is the ownership history of this house from 1970 to present?

Anonymous said...

For those of us who really do know what is going on here we find it quite comical how easily you show your ignorance. It is quite obvious that you are a complete busy body with no positive objective. Nothing you are promoting here will help it will only hinder and cause discontent. You are completely uninformed and write as though you are misinformed. The fact is that you know nothing, I would be very careful in demonstrating it.

Brad V said...
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