Monday, August 8, 2011

More on Orleans House

As I noted recently, what appears to be renovation work began on Orleans House, an 1880s mansion at 1800 Canal Street.  The parcel is inside the UMC or LSU Footprint, but the Office of Facilities and Planning Control has shown the building "still standing" after construction of the UMC in its various presentations at City Hall here in New Orleans in the past year or so.  Still, as with many aspects of this project, uncertainty about the ultimate fate of the building remains because the Programmatic Agreement for the LSU/VA project speaks to a number of possible different outcomes for the historic building.

Fortunately, at present, all outward signs point to the building remaining intact and benefiting from repair work.

Additional research shows that the property at 1800 Canal was transferred this spring on the Ides of March, March 15, 2011.  This came several months after the heels of Omni Bank's attempt to have the building sold at sheriff sale back in November of 2010.  The building was ultimately pulled from the list before auction and the building then went up for sale in December 2010.

Orleans Parish Assessor's records indicate that RKG Enterprises, LLC and SLH Holdings, LLC are now the owners - after paying $330,000 in March, more than $100,000 below the total assessed value for the 2011:

A look at the Secretary of State's website shows the following listing for RKG Enterprises, LLC:

Per one source:

"Roy Madere Jr., a former Hubbard business partner, and Mike Knox, a man formerly employed by Hubbard Enterprises, founded RAMJ Construction."

Secretary of State records reflect that Madere is also the listed agent and member for RAMJ Construction, LLC, which was founded in October 2009:

RAMJ Construction has been involved in the site preparation in both the VA and LSU Footprints.  Here, someone notes the many RAMJ connections to Hubbard Enterprises.

SLH Holdings, LLC does not appear in the Louisiana Secretary of State registry.  There are a number of similarly named Louisiana corporations, but no exact match.  There is an entity by the same name registered in Florida.

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