Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tracking funding to restore the moved houses

Here are two items that popped up recently that pertain to the need to restore some of the scores of houses moved from the VA Footprint:

The City is requesting a release of $6 million in federal funds from the LA OCD.  Enterprise Community Partners will administer the program, a "Construction Take-Out Loan Program."  The program will finance loans to developers and individuals rehabilitating single-family and two-unit homes.

Importantly, "Structures relocated from the VAMC and UMC sites will receive first priority for construction (rehabilitation) loans."

It's interesting, too, that the notice also serves as a "Finding of No Significant Impact" - and mentions NEPA, but not Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (unless one discerns it in "NEPA and related laws and authorities").


Here's the other item - a proposed allocation of $7 million to rehabilitate the moved houses located in the City's 2011 "Consolidated Plan" for use of its HUD CDBG dollars:

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