Monday, October 4, 2010

Slower Than Usual

Things were relatively quiet earlier today in the VA Footprint.  Crews prepared this small cottage at 2212 Cleveland for a move.  Builders of Hope is moving even some of the "non-contributing" houses off the site because they can still be used for housing at other locations.  And some of them exhibit a number of historic characteristics even if they are not technically "contributing" historic structures.

An extra house that did not ultimately move on Friday, the former 2217-19 Banks, was parked backwards in the old 325 S. Galvez lot awaiting the next convoy:

Equipment also cleared up the remainder of the home (and tavern/restaurant?) at 129-133 S. Galvez that dominated one of the corners across from Deutsches Haus.  Here's a shot from late last week of the demolition in its earlier stages:

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