Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Asbestos, Hybrids, and Barbershops

Today, crews ventured into this hybrid house at 2423-25 Palmyra, which sports an "admixture of massings,"possibly from different time periods, according to the VA Footprint Booklet.

On S. Galvez, asbestos abatement crews worked alongside the demolition crew on the unfortunate structure at 227 S. Galvez - it had been expanded at some point with extremely unsympathetic materials.

The distinctive and interesting upper roof of the old Sam Jupiter, Jr. Barbershop and Beauty Salon is visible now from Banks Street.

Like a handful of buildings in the VA Footprint, it was not listed as a "contributing" historic structure for some reason in the Programmatic Agreement that governs site preparation.  A number of clearly contributing properties were also left off the list in the LSU Footprint - something reinforced by the fact that a recent survey of properties for a local historic district in Mid-City found at least one of the omitted properties to be "contributing."  Fortunately, Builders of Hope is working to move any houses on the site that it can.

Meanwhile, in the foreground, a different beauty salon and barbershop, HeadQuarters, continues to operate on Banks Street in a beautifully restored historic building under the live oaks.

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