Wednesday, October 6, 2010

ALERT: Site preparation begins in the LSU Footprint

Crews from Jacobs and Durr have moved into at least three properties as of noon today.

They include:

2118 Cleveland Avenue

216 S. Prieur Street

811? Cleveland Avenue

This move comes as a surprise to me.  Based on what the UMC Corporation Board has been saying, it appeared that site preparation would not begin in the LSU Footprint until November/December of this year.

And LSU/the State of Louisiana clearly does not have the financing necessary for the undertaking, so it's patently reckless to begin demolishing and conducting architectural salvage on historic properties in the neighborhood.

As this post at SaveCharity outlines, it's time to call your local officials to call for a moratorium on demolitions in the LSU Footprint.  Crucially, there are no plans to move the houses out of the LSU Footprint at this time.

Call LSU System President Lombardi: 225-578-2111
Call the State Division of Administration: (800) 354-9548

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Anonymous said...

Before the storm a very nice couple from out of town had bought the house at 216 s prieur.They came back and stayed but i assume were pressured into selling.I wonder if they had enough with this double whammy and moved out of New Orleans?