Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tracing Vacancies

As of Thursday, the outbuildings behind McDonogh No. 11 were gone.

Both the infirmary, shown here during demolition, and the small building that served most recently as JROTC offices (visible behind the collapsing roof) have been demolished.  Below, you'll see a shot out of one of the upper windows of McDonogh No. 11 from our visit with permission in the spring.  The roofs of both buildings are visible.

The infirmary, especially, should have been moved. It was in good shape and it has character (although it was likely built after 1900, later than the original school building).  It was mentioned in the booklet that I helped put together to provide to policymakers in an effort to persuade them to push for the moving of historic structures in the UMC site.

Here's a shot from the day of the visit:

 The hospitals project has resulted in many losses.  This blog exists to count the costs.

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