Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kennedy on WBOK this morning

On the radio:

8:03 a.m. - He just mentioned building out a 250-bed facility in old Charity.

The question remains: what happens with all the properties in the proposed UMC Footprint?  A caller says that if the hospital is not built...it looks like a land grab.  Well, it has looked like a land grab from the outset.

Kennedy rights points out that he warned the state against taking property via expropriation without financing and a workable business plan in place.

But the Governor and LSU, etc. knew what they were doing - they can now present people with a sense of "the fix is in" - a fait accompli.  "What are we supposed to do now that we demolished everything?"  It's the height of irresponsibility.

8:06 a.m. - Kennedy says what we've known all along: the state decided to shutter Charity Hospital after the storm even though it had been cleaned up and was ready to go shortly after the storm.

8:08 a.m. - Girod is now reading off some of the over 25 co-sponsors hosting the event tonight, including Inside the Footprint.

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