Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Stop, Chop, and (hopefully) Roll

This house on S. Johnson Street in the UMC Footprint joined the ranks of historic homes that are being prepared for possible relocation off the site. Today, I counted signs of moving prep of some sort on seven properties in the Footprint. The list is apparently down to 15 that could move - and I'm guessing fewer houses than that will actually move off the site in the end of they do roll.

The many-windowed building on the right in the photo above is an outbuilding behind McDonogh No. 11, the infirmary, that should also be moved.

Here's a view (below) of the house at ---- S. Johnson Street before it was chopped off today (immediately above).  Note that the white portion is now gone, including the recessed side entryway on the downriver side of the building, as well as one of the chimneys.  Chimneys, however, are being removed in the buildings that are being prepped, from what I've seen.

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