Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Preparation for House Moving in the UMC

Again, don't get your hopes up.  While at least five houses in the LSU Footprint are being prepared for moving, it's unclear whether they will actually move.  Are lots in place?  Has a contract been signed?

Still, for someone who's been pushing for the moving of these houses since a press conference in the LSU Footprint in early October 2010 - and even before that - it is a bit incredible to see some signs.  Like the note shown above, which would essentially mean that the entire colorful double shotgun house at 2038-40 Cleveland on the corner of S. Johnson and Cleveland Avenue could move off the site intact (it's roof, too, remains in place for now).  Houses in the VA Footprint were cut off at 60 feet for moving purposes in order to navigate around corners.

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