Thursday, July 14, 2011

Times-Pic on UMC Board Meeting


Note the contradiction in the Board's approach - yes, we'll do an independent study now...but, based on the state's site prep. presentation yesterday, we're going to do the exact same thing LSU and the state have been pushing all along:

UMC Chairman Bobby Yarborough said the new round of consulting conforms to Gov. Bobby Jindal's recent charge for the board to craft an independent plan that cannot be labeled as belonging to LSU or any other interest.

Still, the board is not expected to deviate from the concept of a multibuilding campus -- patient towers, a diagnostics and treatment building, an ambulatory care-medical office building and support facilities -- on the Mid-City footprint, despite a continued push from some planners and activists to build anew inside a gutted Charity shell.

Bottom line: Jerry Jones can beat his chest as much as he wants.  There's still a great deal of uncertainty about this project's ability to come to fruition.

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