Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm not holding my breath...

...but this is the first concrete sign that a few houses in the LSU Footprint may yet move off the site.

Yesterday, I had snuffed out the last glimmers of hope that anything would ever be moved.  But one of the houses that looked like it was en route to demolition, was instead braced and chopped off at 60 feet today when I arrived - a sign, if the analogous prep process in the VA site is an indicator, that moving may occur.

And roofs, too, are still intact on the three houses (two on Cleveland Avenue and one on S. Galvez) that were being braced and chopped at 60 feet.  I've been recommending that for months to various figures involved, and it would go a long way toward preventing problems with the buildings in their destination lots.

But that's the biggest issue - destination lots. Where are they? Do they exist? If they don't, then even these tangible preparatory steps may be for naught.  And we need to know if an actual contract for moving has been signed.

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