Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Bit on the Architect of the Dixie Brewery

Nate, who's been following the blog's coverage of the Dixie Brewery sent along this note about the architect of the 1907 building:

Louis Lehle was an incredably prolific architect who designed many fantastic breweries around the US, including most of the Pabst Brewery in Milwaukee, WI and the Grain Belt Brewery in Minneapolis. I live and work in Chicago (where Louis Lehle's office was located) a few blocks from a building Louis Lehle designed for the Schoenhofen Brewery. Here is a link to an image of the Grain Belt Brewery.

Lehle worked with Fred W. Wolf, another noted national brewery designer:

Lehle also designed buildings for the Blatz ( Milwaukee), Brand ( Chicago), Detroit, Eagle ( Erie, PA), Figter ( Duluth, MN), Minneapolis, and Schlitz ( Milwaukee) brewing companies.

Just remember that Dixie Brewery is not yet safe.  The VA has not committed wholeheartedly to saving it and rehabbing it at this time.  Here's how you can help ensure that this landmark is not demolished.

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Anonymous said...

In late 2006, Times-Picayune columnist Angus Lind wrote a feature about Dixie, its forthcoming centennial, and its owners' vow to rebuild.

Both print and television news ran features after Katrina which clearly indicated Kenra and Joe Bruno desired have the brewery open again at its orginal home, even if it had to be on a somewhat smaller scale.

What happened to derail that dream?