Friday, July 15, 2011

Another sign


The LSU AgCenter is planning to declare a state of financial emergency next month, Chancellor Bill Richardson told the LSU Board of Supervisors Friday.

A declaration of “exigency” is the procedural step that allows university officials to lay off tenured employees and cut programs. Richardson said $26 million in direct and indirect budget cuts in more than two years without having the ability to increase tuition as colleges can has led to the crisis.

It's interesting that the AgCenter is facing this crisis...even as the LSU Board of Supervisors spent tens of millions of dollars expropriating properties, and the state spent more on relocating businesses, and engaging in "site preparation" in the LSU Footprint in New Orleans...while the existing Charity Hospital structure, a building that the state still owns, sits vacant.

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Anonymous said...

The AgCenter's Louisiana-based experts, along with their insect studies, educational publications and outreach are indispensable components in the fight against the Formosan subterranean termite.

The AgCenter should remain fully-staffed and fully-funded.

Mister Kennedy, are you listening?