Friday, July 1, 2011


This building, part of the Blood Center complex in the UMC Footprint, fell to the machinery yesterday.

A good deal of green space surrounded the building - except for one house that held out against the Blood Center's push to acquire the entire block in years past, as former residents of the UMC have pointed out.  It was not fully utilized.  And now the UMC is, in turn, causing that building and the entire block to be cleared.

Interestingly, the one house on Palmyra that held out, already demolished, shows up on FEMA's "Zombie Demolitions" list - it's one of the 919 demolitions that FEMA is set to fund now that Mayor Landrieu has revived the demolition program Mayor Nagin halted some years ago.  There was one other marginal structure on S. Roman that was on the list as well.  The Preservation Resource Center is tracking the list, and here's a map showing the two dots in the UMC Footprint, both already demolished.

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