Saturday, July 23, 2011

Eric Paulsen: UMC Apologist

The newscaster's continued, slanted defense of the UMC and Governor Jindal - without adequate skepticism - is unfortunate.

He buys the biomedical panacea hook, line, and sinker (around 15:40).  And laces it with a dose of Houston- and Birmingham-envy.  

He also cites the Cancer Center as a good sign...but says nothing about the $15 million deficit that is preventing the facility from being completed (so he's either selectively informed...or uninformed on this item).

He also defends the withdrawal of the HUD mortgage insurance pre-app, repeating over and over, quite adamantly, that HUD didn't actually reject the application (which is exactly what the state and the UMC Board want the public to think, and, as Senator Vitter pointed out, it was almost certainly withdrawn to avoid the ignominy of outright rejection).

Finally, he also says the state has over $100 million coming from FEMA for contents of Charity...saying that they have about $900 million.  They don't have it - they might have it, but that's an important distinction.

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