Friday, July 22, 2011

One More Down, Two More Seemingly "To Go"

The house at 1827 Palmyra, which featured a wraparound porch that extended along the length of its side, was razed yesterday.

The day before, crews had been sniffing around the building, and I happened to snap this shot - where a worker seemed to try to hide behind a rooftop air conditioner as I approached.

(Note, too, the many individual pitches to the various roof components - added on over time off the back of the house).

The two houses immediately adjacent, however, appear to be prepared now for relocation off-site.  One is the great 2-bay shotgun at 1823 Palmyra - I hope as much of the classic front porch setup can be preserved and moved along with the house.  The other is a double shotgun at 1829-31 Palmyra, which has had a bit of unsympathetic treatment over the years, but which still has great bones.

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