Thursday, November 4, 2010

Top Lop and Move

Crews began destroying the top part of this fantastic home at 321 S. Galvez in the VA Footprint today - and they didn't seem to be doing much salvage on a house that has a good deal of architectural detailing that should fall within the Salvage Agreement (tons of quoins, for example, that were, like the window shown below, seemingly being tossed into the junk heap).

It was disheartening to see such a classic example of functional New Orleans design - occupied until recently - being mutilated.

Nevertheless, I am glad that Builders of Hope is working to move the bottom half of the house and rehabilitate it into a home.  It will not be the same, but it will certainly be a home with a story - one that is bittersweet, messy, and imperfect, but hopeful.  It will scream out "New Orleans" in its architectural makeup, down to its joists, but in a different way than the house that began to disappear today.

Here's what it looked like just the other day:

And so it goes.

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