Sunday, November 21, 2010

What happened to my house at 2415 Palmyra?

A reader named Gail LaBorde emailed to inquire about the shotgun house that stood four houses up from Outer Banks on the same side.  Her sister appears above in front of the house in the early 1960s, the house Gail called home from 1957-1976:

My house was distinguished from other houses on the block by its white picket fence as you can see from the black and white photo. It had a nice, big front porch that was a gathering place for all the neighborhood children during the summer months.

I haven't covered the house much at all (here's what it looked like back in the spring) so Gail brings up a good point:

 I have seen pictures of every house on my block except mine. I drove by there about a month ago and it was gone. Do you know if it was torn down or moved? If moved, do you know where it moved to?

Here's where it went - just a little ways up Palmyra Street to 2630 Palmyra between Dorgenois and Broad.  It was moved on Friday, September 24, 2010 (it's not a very good photo, which is probably why I didn't post it earlier):

Gail also noted that she attended the old McDonogh No. 11 School, which will likely be demolished:

I attended McDonough #11 School for 1st - 6th grade in the 1960's. Seeing my house and old school taken away makes me feel as though part of my past is being wiped away. But at least I have wonderful memories of my childhood there.

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