Saturday, November 20, 2010

How will the New Orleans property conveyance debacle impact the LSU/VA project?

For weeks now, property conveyances have been in limbo in New Orleans due to a computer crash at the clerk's office at CDC.

How will this functional freeze impact the LSU/VA project?  I don't believe that all of the parcels in the footprint have been acquired.

This morning, a few remaining VA Footprint title transfers appeared in the Times-Picayune, but it's unclear when they were processed.

Interestingly, all of the computer data files for the property conveyances involved in the LSU/VA project are currently unavailable.  And the physical records are functionally unavailable as well:

As of Thursday the Orleans Parish Clerk of Court’s office has restored its digital mortgage records through Oct. 25, 2010, according to a statement released today by Clerk of Court Dale Atkins. Conveyance data is still only available through March 27, 2009.

All physical records remain, but are difficult to retrieve because the index that goes along with the digital system has also been temporarily lost.

I know that a number of the handful of folks who remain in the VA Footprint were waiting to close on new homes when they filed suit in federal court to stop utility shut-offs.  I am not certain if any of these property transfers have been affected.

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