Tuesday, November 16, 2010

UMC Board...Cancels Meeting...Again

I'm going to say flat out that it's somewhat suspicious to see that the University Medical Center Management Corporation Board has cancelled its meeting a second time in the course of a month or so.  The UMC Board oversees the UMC hospital projected for the "LSU Footprint" below S. Galvez street.  It canceled its October 14, 2010 meeting as well.

With a major project in the works - houses being dismantled (see picture below from earlier today in the LSU Footprint), lots being cleared, and properties being acquired - and major questions about funding outstanding, I think we need to note these cancellations with heightened skepticism.  We haven't even been given any explanation for the cancellation.

The Board, while somewhat uncertain about its nature overall, has been saying things and acting like a public body subject to public meetings laws.  That lines up with the public importance of the situation that the board is overseeing.  In the absence of meetings, though, how are decisions being made?  And what decisions are being made?

In other words, what's going on?

The last meeting of the UMC Board was on October 28, 2010, from my records.

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