Thursday, November 18, 2010

Scattershot Photos from Today

Two houses were lined up and ready to head Uptown before noon today - 319-21 S. Miro and 2316 Palmyra (not visible here).

2316 Palmyra, Bobbi and Kevin's camelback, no longer occupied its space - it was around the corner, waiting, backwards, in the street.

A large diesel fuel tank appeared where the Frenchman Inn once stood.

Crews abated some nuisance aspect on the roof of the old Platinum 3000 building at S. Galvez and Banks.

Cleanup on the raised basement ruins continued as well along Banks.

Somebody also moved out of the little residence over the shed behind 2327 Banks.

The awning house from Cleveland Avenue was hanging out at the corner pub at one point.

At 2329-31 Palmyra, a house that had been up on blocks - perhaps moved from elsewhere - had disappeared - I'm not sure if it was moved or demolished.  I presume it was the latter - but I'll check.

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