Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Peripheral People

Here's a shot from yesterday looking toward the Lake on Cleveland Avenue.  It's a view of the street after it leaves the VA Hospital Footprint, however, and proceeds for two blocks to Broad Street.

As I discovered Saturday night, due to a total lack of signage or other notice, the street is not passable - it is torn up beyond even New Orleans low standards of what makes for a drivable street.  I barely escaped without damage to my car, and I had to cut through a parking lot to get off the street in the end because excavators were blocking the end of the street where it exits onto Broad.  It's a complete mess, it's functionally a non-street, and many people live along the street.

Even for those who don't live Inside the Footprint, the project has negative impacts.  There was barely any planning to show consideration for the people in the site, and there has apparently been absolutely none for those who live in its immediate vicinity.  A number of the peripheral residents attended the most recent VA meeting to complain about the disruptions.

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