Thursday, November 18, 2010

Empty Squares

The "northwest" square of the VA Hospital Footprint - bounded by Banks, S. Rocheblave, Palmyra, and S. Tonti - is now completely devoid of all structures.   After the demolition of the former Dutel building today, this is the first entire city block in the Footprint that has been cleared.

A second city block or square has been entirely cleared as well - except for a single house, 223 S. Galvez, that remained up on wheels through midday.  That block, surrounded by Cleveland Avenue, S. Galvez, Palmyra, and S. Miro, is the "southeastern" corner block in the VA Fooptrint.

Above, photographer Stephen Hilger trudges around to avoid the muck and water that now sits where the S. Miro roadway once existed.  This is the first patch of street inside the VA Footprint that has been functionally removed other than sites of utility upgrades.  You can also see one of the utility poles behind him - several have now been removed.

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