Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Weasel Words

As I've long told anyone who asks, there's no guarantee that even a substantial part of Dixie Brewery will be preserved. 

Here's the operative language from the Programmatic Agreement for the VA Medical Center site preparation:

ii. If feasible, VA will retain and rehabilitate the Dixie Brewery
addressed at 2401 Tulane Avenue and integrate this historic
building into the design of the new VAMC. VA, in consultation with
the SHPO, will first assess the structural stability of the Dixie
Brewery and determine if it will be feasible to retain the structure in
its entirety. If it is concluded that it is not possible to retain and
rehabilitate the entire structure VA will identify the significant
features of the Dixie Brewery and integrate those features of the
historic building in the design of the new VAMC. 

That leaves a good deal of latitude with respect to what's "feasible" and "significant" - if you ask me.

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