Friday, November 5, 2010

"Here We GEAUX!"

The house from 222-24 S. Rocheblave crosses the Broad Street bridge over I-10, with the Super Dome off in the background, as it heads to a new location in the greater Central City area.  It was quite a sight!

Five houses moved off-site today, which is more than usual.  There were demolitions, too.

Overall, it was probably the busiest day I've ever experienced Inside the Footprint.

More photos to come.

UPDATE:  Here are some more photos of the same house as it made its way out of the neighborhood.

ADDED: Here are some photos from late in the day as the house finally reached its new lot at 3626 Jackson Avenue. A neighbor with a newly renovated house expressed some surprise at finding a new home rolling in next door, but it seemed things were working out as I left the site near 6 p.m.

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