Friday, November 19, 2010


A Bobcat sits in a now vacant city block in the VA Hospital Footprint.  Behind it, a chugging generator floodlight illuminates a large cloud of dust kicked up as a squad car raced down Palmyra this evening.  Off on the right, the still-occupied home of Ms. Gaynell remains - one of only a handful of inhabited residences remaining in the midst of the desolation.

The old mailbox for Phoenix of New Orleans - "PNOLA" - sits, for some reason, at the corner of Cleveland and S. Galvez in a different part of the now-vacant block.  It once adorned the now-moved house at 2414 Palmyra.

Across the space, once densely populated with homes, the S.W. Green House remains, aloof.

On a different side of the silent square, Ms. Ruth Sanderson's home still showed signs of life.  While I've tried to be respectful of individual privacy, I think it's fair to report on who's left in the VA Footprint.  Persisting, at this point, is a news item.

Here it is from a different angle with Charity Hospital looming darkly on the right like a monolith.

On S. Miro, the floodlights cast powerful beams past the former Tate Services building and a few remaining homes set to be moved.

From Banks Street, the lonely lights at the home/business of Robert Rogers remained.

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