Monday, November 22, 2010

Demolitions, Salvage Continue Today in LSU Footprint - Despite News of LSU Footprint House Moving

The handprint house on Cleveland, recently occupied, went down today.

Around the corner, an old (1870s) four-bay shotgun on S. Prieur was undering major salvage today - to the extent that it would make house moving worthless (the historical character is being taken out). 

That's happening despite the news of a house moving effort for the LSU Footprint that came out this weekend...and despite the fact that the building appears to be movable!

On S. Johnson, the elaborate spindle trim on this house, as well as other trim, has been removed very recently:

Greater salvage is good - but not when its destroying the historic character of houses and undercutting the point of moving them.

This house on S. Prieur was undergoing salvage in the LSU Footprint, too:

Remember, Builders of Hope can save some houses that look like they're too far gone - but maintaining the historic architectural details is key.

Please call Mayor Landrieu's office and ask him to call for a moratorium on demolitions in the LSU Footprint until the details of the house moving plan announced over the weekend can be formalized and made public.

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